Unsigned Artists are Now Trending November 20, 2015

Before the dawn of social media, being an unsigned artist meant that your music was not as popular as mainstream artists. However, social media has completely changed this. Websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have made it to where unsigned talent can now be heard and discovered online.

Many of the artists in this generation have either been discovered online by record label executives or have been made well-known by fans on social media. The way in which an unsigned artist is being discovered has changed so drastically that most artists are no longer going directly to the labels, the labels are coming to the artist.

The more internet famous an artist is the higher the chances are that they will be signed to a prominent recording label. Artists are continually working on getting their music heard online so that they attract the right listeners and get a recording deal. The social media craze has also worked in the artist favor by allowing them to create their own sound.

The music industry is now ran by the people and for the people. The direction of music is completely dependent on what the people like and want to hear. Whichever sound that the people like will trend on social media and cross over to the billboard charts. This new trend is putting music back into the hands of the public and the artists that are creating the music.

An unsigned artist is no longer considered to be a bad thing. It only means that the artist is able to create the music that they want to release while having full control over their image. Unsigned talent can now gain popularity with or without the big labels behind their music and it is all because of social media.

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