This Game Takes Evolution to the Next Level December 5, 2015

One thing that keeps us playing cellphone games, or any game for that matter, is the ability to upgrade and evolve. See the biggest hit games of all time – Candy Crush or Farm Heroes Saga or Farmville or Clash of Clans or even the PC games. Each game has the same concept. You finish a level, and then you get some rewards in the form of points or something and when you cross a threshold, you upgrade to the next level. The next level is not just a numerical enhancement. It gives you several new boosts and powers that you can unleash in the gameplay and make it a much better experience.

This concept is actually employed in the best way in Ubisoft’s Hungry Shark Evolution. In this game, you start as a small reef shark, and as you chomp your way through the ocean, you win coins and points. The more you eat, the bigger your shark grows. And, to increase your shark’s eating power, you can give it a lot of upgrades such as jetpacks and skates. There is also a boost that can make your shark stealthier and more dangerous.

In fact, it isn’t just your shark growing in size. When your shark reaches a max size, you can evolve to the next shark. A reef shark will evolve to a mako shark and a mako shark will evolve to a hammerhead and so on. The final shark is a megalodon, the largest shark known. So you are not just upgrading; you are evolving.

There is a whole legion of hungry shark evolution hack websites out there. They give unlimited upgrades and unlock all features, which is the very essence of the game. This is a game who has understood the importance of upgrades and used it so well that the game has become highly addictive.

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