Best Songs to Play when using your Bongs USA December 5, 2015

There is nothing quite as nice as sitting back and taking a few hits of the bong while you enjoy some great music, especially when those songs relate to smoking. Here are some of the best songs that you can listen to while enjoying your smoking experience with your bongs USA.

Buddha Lovas –Bone Thugs N Harmony: Take it back more than 20 years ago for a listen to one of the best weed smoking songs you’ll ever hear. “Reefer really makes me happy, me just can’t let me high go” are lyrics only a true pot head could write. And the best will send you to relaxing, chill heaven.

One Love –Bob Marley: There isn’t a person out there who doesn’t think of Marley as they puff the good herb. Why not do more than think of the icon, and listen to One Love as you smoke from your bong? You can do nothing but be happy when you hear this song.

Bomb Bud -DJ Quik: Even earlier into the 90s and you’ll love hearing DJ Quik and Bomb Bud. This Rasta inspired song will leave you feeling good inside and out while you smoke the bud.

Mary Jane – Rick James: Rick James, bitch. He mellows it out a little bit with Mary Jane, the lady (or leaf) he proclaims his love for in this mellow, vibrant song. She makes his heart sang, and she is his main thang, taking him to paradise. Wouldn’t you agree?

Pass the Dutchie – Musical Youth: This is another feel good, smoker’s song with that reggae feel and vibe. Hit the bong hard, and turn the music loud.

Pursuit of Happiness – DJ Kudi: He is one the pursuit of happiness, and Mary Jane happens to be a lady that is involved in this situation. She inspires and motivates him on this pursuit, and is certainly responsible for that smile.

Fire up the bongs USA and play the music as loud as you can without the neighbors calling!

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